Birding Products

Birding Products

Backyard Birding is a Wild Bird Store that has everything you need from quality bird seed, feeder and accessories to unique gifts. Our gift line is focused on nature and art. We are committed to featuring Michigan and USA products. Please stop in and browse.

Bird Feeders

We offer a variety of bird feeders from Bird’s Choice, Aspects, Songbird Essentials, Stovall, Erva and more. Come and see our vast array of tray feeders, hopper feeders, window feeders, suet feeders, tube feeders, and specific seed feeders such as whole peanut, sunflower, Nyjer, nectar, and fruit.

Bird Houses

Placing a birdhouse (also called a nest box) in your yard is a great way to attract wild birds that normally nest in woodpecker holes or other cavities. We carry a variety of birdhouses that are attractive to the birds and beautiful in your yard.

Bird Baths

Providing water is a key ingredient to a successful backyard birding program. We carry a variety of bird baths and accessories. Our stone bird baths are made locally.


From bird feeder cleaners to shepherd hooks you will find what you need for your backyard birding hobby. Stop in and see our selection.

Gifts for Nature Lovers

Let us help you pick out the perfect gift for the nature lover on your list.  Stop in at our store and browse our unique blocks, tiles, mugs, books, and more.