What a surprise to have a Cardinal at the nut feeder! The nut feeder doesn’t have any perches and a Cardinal needs a large perch. They don’t climb up and down tree trunks like Nuthatches.  They don’t cling like a Chickadee or Downy Woodpecker. How could a Cardinal feed from this type of feeder?  If you asked me, would a Cardinal visit this feeder? I would have said no, but obviously I would have been wrong. This Cardinal was not going to be deterred from a tasty treat of peanuts. He figured out how to reach the nuts by standing on a little stub of an old cut off branch.  It was fun to watch the feeder swing back and forth as the Cardinal attempted to snag a nut without falling off the tree.  He had one foot on the little stub and one foot up on the trunk bracing himself as he pecked at the nuts that were almost out of his reach. It took him quite awhile to accomplish his mission but persistence paid off.    With the prized peanut squeezed between his bills, he posed proudly for his picture.

Check out Backyard Birding Fall Newsletter 2013 for more information and a coupon for a free nut feeder.