American Goldfinches

American Goldfinches

Do I need to continue to feed thistle in the fall and winter?

Here in west Michigan we are lucky enough to have these birds year round. You may have noticed that they have lost their bright yellow color.  I am often asked where the goldfinches have gone.  They are still here but are a drab olive color.  Their song continues to delight all year long.

Winter also brings down some Canadian finches like the redpolls and siskins so be on the lookout for some interesting finches on your feeders.

If you have left over Nyjer seed from last year it is probably too dried out to attract birds to your feeder.  We have fresh Nyjer seed in stock. Our most popular finch feed is our very own Nyjer & Hearts, a blend of fine sunflower heart chips and Nyjer seeds.  Nyjer & Hearts is now available by the pound.

Remember to leave your garden a bit messy. I leave the tops on my Marigolds, Zinnias, Cosmos and Coneflowers because the finches love their tasty seed heads.