Are You Attracting the Birds You Want to See in Your Backyard?

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Key components to attracting birds to your backyard:

  1. Food – Offer a variety of food in different feeding stations to attract the most diversity of birds. You can landscape with Michigan native plants to attract the insects that birds feed on and to provide natural food. Our front landscaping is an example of what you can do even in the city. Ask for our free list of recommended plants.
  2. Water – Offer a water source. Birds are attracted to moving fresh water. We have a variety of bird baths to choose from.
  3. Shelter/Nesting spots – Landscape with trees and bushes to provide nesting spots and a quick hiding place from predators. Put up bird houses to provide nesting spots for birds that are cavity nesters.

The number one threat to wild birds is cats. Please place your feeders where the birds can safely eat without fear of being attacked by a cat.

Check out the education materials we have in the store to help you learn how to attract the birds you want to see. We will be delighted to help you plan your personal backyard birding feeding stations and are eager to hear about your success.